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Stora Budskap

Role: Creative Director in a dream team
Deliverables: Campaign Concept, Research, Motion graphic for outdoor channels

Campaign Concept


Create a proposal of a campaign designed for digital outdoor advertising on the basis of a briefing for the Brick Digital company. Brick Digital was created in 2011 with the vision that through a connector only offer media buyers a nationwide (Sweden) network of digital big screens outdoors.

My role

I was part of three team and I took the role as Creative Director.

Background & Idea

We focused on creating a campaign that would show the possibilities of large screens and create a lot of attention .

The goal was to find a partner who was well known and well liked , which would help us to create a broader campaign to create viral spread. The aim of the Music Aid is to raise money for a project by requesting songs on radio and also crowd fund donation from different community.

Brick Digital would be in cooperation with the Music Aid create bidding through Tradera plattform for time on digital large screens around Sweden.

It´s a win-win situation

It´s a win-win situation

Brick Digital's big screens were bidding information that were rolling with updated figures from the bidding area.